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Is your air conditioner broken? No need to worry! TemperaturePro services and repairs all makes and models.
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Air Conditioning Repair In Montgomery, Texas

TemperaturePro provides friendly, reliable, and affordable air conditioning repair services in Montgomery, Texas, and surrounding suburbs. We're open 24/7 and are ready to serve day or night in the event of an emergency.
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Montgomery, Texas Commercial AC Contractor

TemperaturePro's commercial air conditioning technicians are ready to help with all of your business's A/C needs, including rooftop unit installations and maintenance, and/or centralized cooling for your building. Call today and get a free estimate for your business's air conditioning system options.
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How Do You know When You Need AC Repair?

Here are some signs and indications that your AC system needs repair from a certified HVAC professional.

Every home and business depends on HVAC systems to maintain indoor comfort. At TemperaturePro, we're proud to be Montgomery's local heating and AC service experts. We have the tools and experience to install, repair, and maintain your climate control systems. Our focus is getting your system optimized for today and helping you get the maximum lifecycle and performance out of your system. It's a good idea to call us if:
Strange noises are coming from you AC unit
Your utility bills are continually increasing month after month
Unit is over ten years old
System blower never turns off and continually blows
Your indoor air temperature doesn’t match your thermostat settings
Experiencing uneven temperatures throughout your home – one room is hot while another one is super chilly
Your home is not getting cooler when the AC unit is turned on

Why isn’t Your AC Cooling?

Is Your AC Blowing Warm Air?
If your AC system stops cooling and is blowing warm air, you probably need a condenser repair.

What’s an AC Condenser?

The condenser is the large metal cube that sits outside of your home. The condenser is where the cool air is generated before entering your home or business. The components of a condenser include the refrigerant, compressor, condenser coil, electromagnet, fan, capacitor, relay switches, and more. The mechanics of your condenser depends on the make and model.

What’s Wrong with My AC Condenser?

AC Condenser Repair in Montgomery
Clogged condensate drain line
Not receiving power
Damaged or rusted drain pan
Broken condensate pump
Dirty air filter
Low refrigerant
If you notice a leak or your condenser is making strange noises when the fans turn on, you should call an AC technician. If you wait, the problem can worsen beyond repair and require the purchase of an entirely new system.
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Condenser AC Repair in Montgomery, Texas
Temperature Pro Expert AC Repair in Montgomery, Texas

Why is My AC Leaking Water?

Air Conditioner Leak Repair in Montgomery
If you notice water leaking, chances are your air conditioner has a problem with the condensate drain line.

What is a Condensate Drain Line?

Condensate Drain Line Repair in Montgomery
The condensate drain line is a pipe that directs condensation falling from the evaporator coil into a drain pan, and into a drain line in your home. It’s often located underneath a sink.

It may also be one of these following issues:

Clogged condensate drain line
Damaged or rusted drain pan
Condensate pump is broken
Air filter is too dirty
Low refrigerant
TemperaturePro’s AC technicians can only determine the cause of the leak by visiting your home or business and inspecting the unit.
Call TemperaturePro today and one of our HVAC experts will solve the problem with your leaky air conditioner!

Preventative HVAC Maintenance Plan

Sleep in Comfort, Tonight!
Make sure your Montgomery home or business is always comfortable. Join the Total Comfort Club today and enjoy massive savings on your HVAC services and repairs. Regularly scheduled preventative HVAC maintenance lowers your energy bills, eliminates the need for costly repairs, ensures your system is always running at peak performance and extends the life of your system.
Free Leak Checks
Discounted Replacement Parts
No Overtime Charges
Free Diagnostic Check
Biannual Inspections
Priority Service
One Year Warranty
Filter Replacement
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We Service All Makes and Models


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From air conditioners to furnaces to air cleaners and other indoor air quality products, every home depends on HVAC systems throughout the year. At TemperaturePro, we are proud to be your local heating and AC service experts, and we have the tools and expertise to install, repair and maintain all the climate control systems you need to breathe easily. Our highly qualified technicians provide only the best service, and we always work with your family’s needs and long-term comfort in mind.
Christy Cree - November 27, 2019

What our
clients say

Melissa and T are awesome. They were very responsive and gave me the no bull answers I needed. The team was personable and professional. It's about service, not selling new units. Now, they're servicing our units twice a year and I know I can trust them. TemperaturePro are Pros. Don't trust the Chuck in a Truck!!!
Mike R. - June 5, 2020

What our
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Tuavao was extremely professional and came out to our house on a Sunday to replace our AC unit before company arrived in town. Within an hour or so the house temperature was very comfortable. When he had completed the project he said it …
Brendan Murphy - May 29, 2020

What our
clients say

Tauvao did a fantastic job diagnosing & repairing my family's AC unit. He was the third technician to come look at the unit. He was the only one who brought me out to explain to and show me what the issue was, and listed the possible …
Alex Duncan - May 12, 2020

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Check out the rest of TemperaturePro’s professional air conditioning services. You can count on our HVAC technicians to provide fast, honest service, no matter your needs.

Our Commercial HVAC Services

We offer our air conditioning services to both residential and commercial customers. If you’re experiencing AC issues at your school, university, office, store, medical building, or elsewhere, our HVAC technicians can help.

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